4G Broadband High Speed Internet Services Provider in Malaysia With Unifi Port Full

Unlimited Quota 4G. This High speed 4G internet for SME office with Free Laptop & VoLTE router & IDD calls monthly Commitment Fee RM168

Remote access

With a fixed IP address you can access your PC no matter where you are in the world. Using programs such as Remote desktop or VPN and PC Anywhere you can log into your work PC no matter where you are.

Emails direct to your PC

Using a static IP address also lets you get rid of your Hotmail or Yahoo! account and set up your own email address with your choice of domain name. Again, this is especially useful if you run a small business. You need to install separate mail server software to do this, but there are free ones available.

Less downtime

Each time a dynamic IP address refreshes you run the risk of downtime from the server. While this is usually only for a very short time, it can affect your business. Having a static address eliminates this risk.


We help businesses solve complex internet connectivity challenges including Reducing downtime due to communications problems Providing resilience to existing connectivity Building and managing multi-site networks efficiently Employing new technologies to deliver actionable data Providing high speed internet solutions for rular are business use

Our Support

We have been supporting companies of all sizes for over 5 years and the experience and skills we have acquired over that time ensures that we are known as a trusted partner. Our award-winning solutions offer faster communications access to bigger data, reduce exposure to network outages and put customers back in control of their data networks.

Are you interested in our product?

If you are interested, we can arrange the trial for you. You can test out the connection for a period of 7 days.